Commercial Growing Racks


420 Solutions is a Canadian manufacturer of high quality complete growing solutions and has been in the manufacturing business over four decades.

420 Solutions is your structures and equipment supply partner for turn-key cannabis growing, covering both marijuana green house and indoor grow environments.

420 Solutions has separate research, design, development and testing department that is instrumental in developing high quality solutions for catering to the ever-changing growing needs.

420 Solutions is your one stop shop to grow your own cannabis for commercial operation.


Commercial Racks:

In Canada Cannabis as an industry is in its infancy stage and 420 solutions understands the need to start with a modest size operation that can be rapidly scaled as you continue to grow your business.

At 420 Solutions we help growers automate and control all the elements in their cannabis green house or indoor marijuana grow facility for the best plant growth. For cannabis growers we integrate sophisticated irrigation systems with grow lighting, light deprivation, CO2 dosing and odor control.

420 Solutions has cost effective commercial cannabis growing solutions and equipment that will multiply your grow space, quality & profits without adding an inch to your existing footprint!

Our state-of-the-art growing solutions can increase your production by at least double with your available growth canopy with a more effective, efficient and robust outcome.

Our vertical commercial growing systems are highly cost-effective solutions for you to scale your production output without incurring large CAPEX and reduced OPEX.

420 Solutions commercial rack ensures:

  • Integrated and sophisticated one stop solution for your enterprise growing needs.

  • Almost double the growth area with our vertical growing solution

  • Best in market build quality using high grade steel and after sales service

  • High ROI and customer satisfaction

Market Segments

  • Cannabis Farms

  • Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Universities

  • Vegetation Rooms

  • Research Facilities

  • Indoor Farming Companies

  • Horticulture, Floriculture and Agriculture Facilities

Key Benefits – Commercial Rack

  • Our commercial solutions are upgradeable to multiple tiers, on-demand, and allow flexible growing strategy increasing your growing footprint to double or more while retaining your capital investment.

  • Installations that provide literal tons of holding power, which can carry more than plants, but also irrigation system, fuse boxes, fans, hoses and other equipment.

  • Sliding and adjustable growing racks not only provides convenience throughout the growth cycle of the plant but also best-in-class safety solutions, allowing workers to move safely one rack or multiple racks in unison.

  • 420 Solutions products are designed to fully control variables such as lighting, temperature, humidity and air quality, they will allow you to grow your host plant more efficiently and productively, by making the most out of your space.

Features – Commercial Growing Rack

  • Dimensions (Single Rack) H- 95“W- 72” D- 24”

  • Material Heavy- Duty 12 Gauge Steel corner post 14 Gauge Steel Angle Uprights

  • Growing Area per shelf- 12SqFt

  • Paint Highly durablePowder coated (comes in multiple colors)

  • Build as you grow- Multiply your space by increase growing area of the rack by adding easy to attach shelf and corner posts.

  • Accessibility & expandability- All rack’s move on a rail to provide easy access and mobility to growing racks. Multiple racks can be added to the rail.

  • Optional accessories – Hydroponic System, LED growing Lights